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Solinh™️ Wave Tesseract

Solinh™️ Wave Tesseract

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The Original Wave Tesseract Lamp by Solinh.
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What you get in the box

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The Tesseract Lamp

Experience the Art of Light

Our Wave Tesseract Lamp is not just a light source, it's a piece of modern art. Its unique cube shape adds a touch of sophistication to any room.

The Tesseract Lamp is a Mood Changer


Gentle color waves resembling the aurora borealis, effectively reduces anxiety and stress. This soothing ambiance encourages creativity and emotional well-being, providing a serene space for relaxation and rejuvenation.

  • What You Will Witness:

    As it projects undulating waves of ember light, your room transforms into a canvas of warm, dancing shadows. Modern edges contrast beautifully with the softness of the light it emits, creating a visually stunning spectacle.

  • How You Will Feel:

    Its gentle, ember glow offers a soothing escape from the day's stress, enveloping you in a cozy ambiance. Perfect for unwinding, the lamp's warm light brings a sense of peace and relaxation, making your space a sanctuary of calm.

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Everyone love the waves, the moments

  • Anna Joels

    My wife loves this thing we ended up buying 2 more and have one in each room! The only thing I don't like is the control is a bit off on the settings but once you get the hang of it, it's perfect!

  • Giovanna Sallsbury

    Ignored this ad on facebook at first, I bought it after my friend reported it stopped her baby boy from crying at night and it turned out to be the best purchase ever for my daughter !!

  • Mark Tommson

    This year’s Valentine’s Day gift definitely made my girl cry.. i had flowers and chocolates in the room with the light on and we absolutely loved the magical and romantic vibe !

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True Wave Pattern with Tesseract Lamp

Embrace the Wave of Warmth

Watch as waves of ember light dance across your walls, creating a cozy and mesmerizing atmosphere. Perfect for setting a relaxing mood in any space.

16+ Different Tesseract Lamp Colour Mode

Light Up Your World, Your Way

Whether it's for a romantic dinner, a calm reading session, or a lively party, this lamp adapts to your needs. Easy to use and adjust for that perfect lighting experience.


Is the brightness adjustable?

Yes! It comes with 6 levels of adjustable brightness and 16 color options, so you can creat your own favorite sence.

Is the Cube Wave Lamp suitable for all room sizes?

Absolutely! The lamp is designed to suit a variety of room sizes. Its effect is most pronounced in medium-sized rooms, but it can create a cozy ambiance in smaller spaces or be a subtle addition to larger areas. The intensity of the light can be adjusted to fit the mood and size of your room.

How energy-efficient is the Cube Wave Lamp?

Our Cube Wave Lamp is designed with energy efficiency in mind. It uses LED technology, which is known for its low power consumption and long-lasting performance. This makes the lamp not only an aesthetically pleasing addition to your home but also an environmentally and economically conscious choice.

Customer Reviews

Based on 59 reviews

I bought this for my study, and it's been a hit. The Cube Wave Lamp adds a subtle, creative touch, making it my favorite light source. The only downside was the initial plastic smell, which faded after a few days. Highly recommend for those looking for something unique and calming


At first, I wasn't sure about the cube design, but oh, how it grows on you, especially at night! The way it lights up the room with those gentle ember waves is truly mesmerizing. I use it every evening to unwind.

Susanna Hamill

I loved it so much the lights are beautiful and definitely lights up the room well. I do recommend if you are looking for a product like this

Dorothea Crona

it's bomb af 😩